Welcome From Your Admin & Moderators.

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Welcome From Your Admin & Moderators.

Post  Admin on Mon Apr 27, 2009 2:41 pm

Welcome to "What's Your Opinion On ...?", thank you so much for joining and helping us make this the forum to visit!

People often wonder which type of posts belong on WYOO. We're happy to say that pretty much any subject is up for discussion here! If you're ever unsure which section your post belongs in, feel free to post it in the 'General' section. Your moderators will happily move it to the correct place if they feel it will get a better response elsewhere.

Please do feel free to voice your opinions on any subject you see posted here. You don't have to be an expert in a subject to have an opinion on it, lol. WYOO is the forum to discuss, debate and share views. You may find yourself changing your original opinion on a topic from time to time ... or you may not! You may be instrumental in changing someone else's way of thinking ... or you may not! The more input you can manage to give the forum, the more you'll *get out of it*!

We hope everyone enjoys the forum!

Any questions/suggestions/comments can be sent in a PM to this profile.

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