Forum Rules - Please Read!

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Forum Rules - Please Read!

Post  Admin on Thu Apr 30, 2009 11:22 pm

Do not name other forums in a negative manner. Not only is it unfair to the other forum, it could also have legal implications for WYOO.

Do not link to 'opposition' forums or groups which are based around debate or opinion. Doing so may result in an immediate ban.

Do not personally attack another member. Calling people names serves no purpose.

Do NOT feed any TROLLS you may enounter here on WYOO. Even trolls have an opinion! Feel free to ignore them!

Think before you reply to a post and ask yourself if you are: Focusing on the topic. Am I about to be deliberately offensive? Am I taking offence too easily? If you don’t have anything productive to say, why not just ignore the post?!

Please consider that exposing yourself as a rude, ignorant person in a forum created for opinionated people is an open invitation for said members to comment on your behaviour!

WYOO is on the public internet and there cannot be an expectation that what is written here, stays here. Users should remember to use common sense when posting. If you wouldn't want certain people to be reading the content of your posts for whatever reason, it's probably best to word your posts with care!

Remember that tone of voice and body language are crucial tools in our daily social interactions. The written word is easily misinterpreted. It can be helpful to use the *occasional* smiley or 'lol' to help express your intent when posting.

You must not post illegal material in either your profile, your sig file or your posts such as copyrighted material that is not yours, pornography, nudity and semi-nudity, spam, sexually explicit/graphic talk, advertising, malicious code, anyone’s personal information or to harass the moderators/admin. Such posts/images/links will be deleted with no prior warning.

The Moderators: The WYOO mods/Admins are hardworking, unpaid volunteers with integrity working to keep the forum safe, secure and sane. If a moderator asks you to do something, please just do it. Moderator/Admin decisions will not automatically be discussed. If you don’t like the moderators, the forum owner, or the way this forum is moderated, please don’t register and post.

The moderating team expects to treat the members like adults and that means not dumbing down the rules to the lowest common denominator explaining why basic civility is important to the health and well-being of this forum.

Reserved Rights:
WYOO reserves the right, in their sole discretion, to edit, refuse to post or remove any material submitted to or posted on the forum. We also reserve the right to gag and/or ban people deemed to be unedifying to the health of the forum and we do not feel any obligation to explain why. Either you trust that the moderators of this forum are acting with its best interests in mind by way of majority consensus or you don’t trust them. If the latter, please refrain from registering for an account.

The Admins.

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