Bisphenol-A in baby bottles/products

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Bisphenol-A in baby bottles/products Empty Bisphenol-A in baby bottles/products

Post  3for3 on Sat Jun 27, 2009 11:51 pm

What are your views on this?
I've read some pretty damning reports about the presence of this in baby products and yet the US FDA are still saying it is safe based on their research. Not quite sure what the standing in the Uk is at the moment altho i do know they assured everyone of safety a couple of years back.
With baby 3 on the way i have been looking at bisphenol-a free products and wondering if i am falling for media hype or whether there is some real basis for concern.
Then i think to myself why take the chance anyway? I do bf but i always express after a while too and in honesty i am tempted to purchase glass bottles this time...but i had such great colic stopping results with dr browns i am torn...
Equally it is not just baby bottles this is found in...

So - what are your views on bisphenol-a in baby products? Media hype or cause for concern?

Or maybe something in between? Wink

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