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Sponsored adventure Trips

Post  sunset30 on Mon Jun 01, 2009 10:47 am

What do you think of them.

I have been discussing them with DP this weekend. We think that they are a good thing - YES they cost a lot, but, people want to do them, so, although the percentage that goes to the charity is less than with other things, the number of people doing them is larger, and the amounts are not insignificant, so, in the end the charity gets more money than it would otherwise.

We ahve been sorting some things out this weekend, and he now realises that we are very different people, who will need different things to have a happy and fulfilled life. THis doesn't mean splitting up, as let's face it, two such wierd people need each other LOL. I tend to feel quite trapped if I can't travel about and do interesting and new things, whereas he would be happy never leaving home. We are planning a few big holidays over the next few years but HE suggested that since I seem to be really dedicated to getting fit, that doing a sponsored adventure trip every couple of years would help me get more adventurous activities and more well travelled, thus allowing me to home home renewed. I will have done something good, and not cost the family anything but time.

I think they are very exciting options, and I have lots of ideas for fund raising, but are people sick of giving money for these type of things?

I have found one I would love as a starter experience (I don't want to push myself too hard and hate it, or worse, not finish - so I haven't chosen one of the most famous, yet most arduous ones) 11 days hiking in the himalayan foothills in Nepal (with no high altitude walking) - IF I find fundraising do able, and IF this trip - "moderate" in the scheme of sponsored adventure trips goes well (in 2011/12 - instead of the marathon) then maybe I would try a more challenging one.

Hiking is my exercise of choice, having done a whole state of the AT in USA in less than 5 days, so I am switching my gym routine around a bit to include climbing and higher impact stuff.

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