Grandparent's Rights?

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Grandparent''s Rights?

Post  Hushy on Tue May 19, 2009 4:57 pm

Almost half of grandparents lose all contact with their grandchildren after a family separation or divorce, according to a new report.
It found that 42 per cent never see their grandchildren again after the break-up. Even more — 67 per cent — are prevented from providing any sort of childcare or taking their grandchildren on outings, even when they had done so regularly in the past.
Those whose sons are involved in the split fare worse. Only a third of paternal grandparents said that they still felt close to their grandchildren after separation, compared with two thirds of maternal grandparents.

Campaign groups say that grandparents should be given the same rights as step-parents and are calling for a change in the law. The report has been drawn up by Families Need Fathers, the Grandparents’ Association and the Family Matters Institute. They will be lobbying MPs to draw attention to the loophole.
Entitled Beyond the Nuclear, the report says that most grandparents could not afford the complicated and expensive court case that the system currently requires to get contact. In a foreward to the research Gloria Hunniford, the TV presenter, said that the importance of grandparents to children should not be underestimated.

Diane and John Allen, a retired couple from Lincolnshire, spent £20,000 in court to establish contact with their three grandchildren when their daughter died in a car crash. The children’s father wanted to start a new life with the children with no memories of the past. “We were very close as a family and decided we just couldn’t allow it. It was not fair to them or our daughter,” Mrs Allen told The Times.


WYO Grandparents' rights? Do you think it's about time something was done to protect Grandparents? Do you think it's right that GPs can be effectively cut out of a child's life for no good reason? Or do you think it should always be up to the parents? Do you think legal aid should be available for cases like this? Or do you think the GPs should have to fund it themselves?

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Re: Grandparent's Rights?

Post  sunset30 on Tue May 19, 2009 6:00 pm

I think grandparents who want contact with their grandchildren after a divorce etc should have the right to do so.

J's are a bit hopeless though - he even tried to adopt someone elses grandad at football last week!

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Re: Grandparent's Rights?

Post  Cadiva on Tue May 19, 2009 6:13 pm

I think Grandparent rights are important and should be protected in law. My brother is currently having a right old nightmare of it with his wife, from whom he's separated, over access to their daughter. I should qualify, my brother is the one who actually did most of the caring for his daughter when she was a baby as his wife had a caesarian and then caught an infection and had chosen not to breastfeed so my brother did most of the feeding/nappy changing etc during the first few weeks.
During the separation, my brother's had to go to court to get access enshrined in a court judgement because his ex kept stopping him from picking his daughter up on the days when he was supposed to have access and she was trying to restrict him from bringing her down to see my parents to once a month.
My mum and dad were seriously considering applying for grandparent rights at one point but fortunately the social services must have talked some sense into my ex-SiL because she's stopped being such a silly cow about things and my brother now has his little girl for the whole weekend every other week during which time, he brings her down to see my grandparents.

I think the breakdown of what was the normal family only 50 years ago, ie parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins etc, all living near each other and helping out and having a close relationship is very sad and has a lot to do with the current lack of community or social responsibility we seem to be suffering from.

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Re: Grandparent's Rights?

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